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Different lab equipment and measurement instruments for schools

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All equipment needed for different majors in universities

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Welcome to YOGECO

YOGECO Corporation was founded in 1978 by Mr. Youssef Farid Gebran for the service of the Education. Since then, YOGECO Corporation has been importing educational and scientific products from over 14 countries.

What differentiates YOGECO Corporation is its high stocking level which assures quick, if not prompt deliveries; and in its aim to assure a long-term cooperation with its clients, YOGECO Corporation provides a distinguished after sales services and maintenance by a very specialized team of technicians.

Major activities covered by Yogeco:

- Educational General Equipment: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Glassware, Test & Measuring Instruments, etc.,

- Experiments in VIRTUAL LABORATORIES, Microcomputer-based Laboratory

- Vocational Training systems for engineering, electricity, electronics, sensorics, robotics, pneumatics, power engineering, gear, control and building technology, Smart home, alarm management systems, mechatronics, etc.

- Weather Monitoring Systems and Thermal sensors for home, universities, industry, agriculture, Sport, etc.

- Simulators for Health Care Education,

- X-Ray Diffraction Systems,

- Automotive Educational Training Equipment,

- Innovative Agricultural Electronic Systems

- Interactive Touch Screens & displays, E-Podium,

- Manufacturing of Laboratory Benches and Lab Furniture.


Selected Suppliers

 VRLab Academy Advanced Virtual Science Education
VRLab Academy
Advanced Virtual Science Education

It makes advanced Virtual Science Education possible, for students that want to improve their scientific skill

 Korea Digital Microcomputer based Laboratory
Korea Digital
Microcomputer based Laboratory

Simple, Strong, Sophisticated and Smart Sensors & data loggers for nearly all kind of Scientific Experiments

 Shanghai Road Lab Equipment ROAD LAB Ceramics, Worktops and Sinks for Lab Benches
Shanghai Road Lab Equipment
ROAD LAB Ceramics, Worktops and Sinks for Lab Benches

Excellent resistance to strong corrosion, to withstand temperature of 800°C, exceptional anti-scratch, etc.

 Lionet General Educational Equipment
General Educational Equipment

Leading innovative designer and quality manufacturer of Quality Educational Equipment.

 Frederiksen Physics & Biology Equipment
Physics & Biology Equipment

A company, developing, manufacturing and delivering educational equipment, filled with passion for science

 3B Biology and Physics
Biology and Physics

Manufacturer of material for the medical and educational sector, Leader in the anatomy market today.

 MCP Test and Measuring Instrument
Test and Measuring Instrument

From 1992, MCP never stopped improving product’s quality and extending activities to more electronic products.

 STOE X-Ray diffraction Systems
X-Ray diffraction Systems

A pioneer in powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction since the 1960’s

 ETS Didactic Vocational Training Systems
ETS Didactic
Vocational Training Systems

Covering mechanical engineering, mechatronics, metal sectors, electronics, smart home, etc.

 Extech Measuring, calibration & Test equipment
Measuring, calibration & Test equipment

Since 1971, Extech Instruments has focused on Test and Measurement tools built for the professionals

 Hukseflux Solar radiation, heat flux & Thermal conductivity
Solar radiation, heat flux & Thermal conductivity

Design and supply sensors for measurement of heat transfer and thermal quantities.

 Vegetronix Innovative Agricultural Electronic Systems
Innovative Agricultural Electronic Systems

Our mission is to help you to have a beautiful and productive garden and lawn.

 Davis Weather Monitoring Systems
Weather Monitoring Systems

Dedicated to educational institutions, to research centers, to home & garden, to Sport and to the Agricultural sector

 Kestrel Sports & Weather Instruments
Sports & Weather Instruments

Rugged, waterproof Sports performance & Weather Instruments. Ballistic Meters for long range shooting accuracy

Hot Deals

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Face Masks, surgical
Face Masks, surgical

$ 4.1
Price for a box of 50 surgical face mask 3 layers, 25g/m2 BFE 99 filter

Air Table, complete
Air Table, complete

$ 2680
Buy one and get as gift: Free fall apparatus highly accurate from 3B & set of spectral tubes w/power supply

Deluxe Ripple Tank
Deluxe Ripple Tank

$ 560
Buy 1 and get as gift: pair of tuning forks 440Hz from Frederiksen & 1 sound level meter from Extech

Earth Globe
Earth Globe

$ 34
Earth Globe plastic on Stand, diameter 32cm

Demonstration Meters
Demonstration Meters

$ 186
Basic Student Meter with 7 different shunts and multipliers

Water bath
Water bath

$ 236
With digital display, Temperature working range up to 99.5 Deg. C, continuous usage.


$ 84
Stereo Microscope 40X

Laboratory Benches
Laboratory Benches

$ 400
Designing, developing and producing laboratory benches; optimized for your needs

Vantage Vue
Vantage Vue

$ 560
Wireless weather station provides accurate weather monitoring for Education